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  Welcome and thank you for checking out our audio visual and video conferencing section for primary schools. We have been providing primary schools with audio visual and video conferencing solutions since 2003 and have built up a wealth of experience and resources which we hope to pass on through word of mouth, blog posts, our web site and instantly via twitter.
  Over the years we have been very proactive in finding interesting resources that we hope has helped primary schools like yours develop new and exciting ways to use our technology to deliver the key stage content. Check out resources section our resources section
  In the meantime please feel free to brows our site. Our Aim is to provide valid and relevant information that we hope will help you discover new and exciting ways to continue fill the precious minds of our future leaders. If you have any ideas that you would like to share, or if you read anything that may be of interest to other primary school teachers, please let us know. Our feedback service is totally anonymous. We promise not to post your name or contact details unless you specifically request that we do.
  Coming soon – Primary Teachers Forum



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