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Famous People


Famous People


Videoconferencing brings portraiture into your school.
Lively discussions between your pupils and gallery
freelance educators about works from the collection
will spark engagement in stories about history, art
and famous people. The Key Stage 1 videoconferencing sessions run for either 30 minutes or 1 hour.
The sessions cater for a minimum of 15 students or a maximum of 30.


Videoconferencing Workshops


This lively storytelling session combines looking at one or more portraits with a story about the fascinating life of a famous person. Choose one topic from:

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
Samuel Pepys and the Fire of London
King Charles ll’s escape by hiding in the oak tree
Lord Nelson
Florence Nightingale and nursing at Scutari
Mary Seacole
Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit

Follow-up webquest: KS1 History ‘Florence Nightingale’
Follow-up website: The Great Fire of London, created by the National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of London, the London Fire Brigade
and two major archives.

Be prepared

Please read the guidelines sent out with your confirmation letter for how to split
your class into groups, what to prepare beforehand, and information on the setup
of your room on the day
Set up your room according to our guidelines and brief your students
Make a test call 15 minutes before the start time
Please be ready to start your session on time
Further information will be supplied when you make your booking, or call
us in advance

These workshop can be booked any time of the year.

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