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How to connect IP to ISDN Video Conferencing




How to connect IP & ISDN video conferencing



  If you have an IP video conferencing system you can use our bridging service which is commonly known as video conferencing bridging, to connect to ISDN Video conferencing systems. In fact you can connect to any manufactures video conferencing systems including Polycom, Tandberg, Sony, and Lifesize. That’s not all. You can connect to up to four sites (you plus three sites) in a mixed video Conference call (IP & ISDN), share your desktop applications (collaboration) record your conference and stream your recording to up to 2000 users who log in to your password protected stream.

What exactly are we offering?
If you take away all the jargon and fan fair, what we are offering is the ability to connect your PC or Video Conferencing system to any Pc or Video conferencing System. While you’re connected you can record then stream the recording or stream the session live. What is not simple is the diverse number and types of applications that this opens up. Take for instance the Chairman of BAA who found himself unable to connect his IP based Polycom video conference system to an ISDN based system at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. He had a meeting scheduled within the hour and his incumbent provider could not connect the call. Within twenty minutes of speaking to our engineers BAA’s Engineers we able to give the Chairman the green light for his scheduled call. A North London Student, who in order to graduate from her PhD course had to deliver a presentation to examiners at her university in Singapore. She found out that the cost to hire video conferencing was more than she had, so she had to find a far cheaper alternative or face losing her PhD. She was amazed when she found out that she could use her PC to connect to the Polycom Viewstation in the university’s grand lecture theatre, more importantly she paid 60% less than the amount quoted by even the most basic providers. And for those of you who are wondering what happened… She got her PhD. We always have time for those who are running late and consiquently cant make the video meeting on time. We simply tell them to use their mobile phone to dial into the meeting where they can hear everything that is said and more imprtantly contribute their expert opinion.


What’s in the box?
The key to explaining technology to non technical people is to show them how it solves their problem. You don’t need to know what’s in the box, unless of course there is nothing in the box…. Well, there’s nothing in the box. What you get is a virtual key to your own virtual room which is located on our very real video server.
To use an analogy, imagine you have very high spec video conference system the type that you would usually purchase for around £150,000, well that is exactly what you have access to, and that is what gives you the ability to connect to almost any video conference system, PC or Mac. Make good decisions Faster

If you were a baby boomer you may remember a time when the only way to make a phone call was to run 2 miles down the road to the nearest BT phone box . 60 years on, do you now think video conferencing is just as inaccessible as phones were back then? The age where business class video conferencing is in the palm of your hands is not yet here, however the speed in which business is conducted dictates that to be efficient,effective and profitable we need to communicate often and well, so that as business people we can make good decisions faster than our nearest competitor.

I agree that there are lots of great products out there that will keep you connected, however there is only one product that doesn’t require any capitol expenditure, long term commitment or organizational membership. Our ‘on demand’ video conferencing service really is available on demand. All that we ask is that PC users have a webcam, headset and mic with a fast broadband connection, and video conference users continue as usual.

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