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Digital signage solutions for the leisure sector


Leisure sector

  Many leisure facilities have installed satellite and streamed media systems to entertain clients whilst they exercise during their workout.Central AV have solutions to enhance existing satellite TV, cable TV, or terrestrial TV installations that feature our award-winning, digital media software package Image Flier. Image Flier will incorporate your company’s branding and promotions alongside live feeds from satellite, terrestrial TV, cable, video or DVD sources, giving you the ability to promote your products and services while your clients remain entertained. Leisure
  We provide full digital signage solutions for applications ranging from retail to gyms, hotel receptions to bars and clubs and corporate receptions to restaurants. The example below will help you to view some of the solutions we have provided in the past. We have a number of display options ranging from plasma screens, lcd screens high definition plasma screens HD LCD screens, rear projection high gain screens and front projection screens. Our full solutions are divided into three areas: Display  –  Display is the type of screen Content  – Content is what is displayed on the screenDelivery –  deliver is how the content is delivered to your screen, (dvd, streaming, hard drive, via isdn, over ip)



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