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    Great video which highlights the importance of frame rate and resolution when choosing video conferencing for your application  
    How to set up the Polycom HDX 6000 and an introduction to some of its many capabilities.  
    Polycom HDX series overview, from large meeting rooms to desktop solutions the Polycom HDX series has it all.  
    Manhattan Associates are a large company that have made significant growth with the help of Polycom.  
    This video shows the power of Polycom and how they reach the world.  
    The amazing software feature ‘people on content’ is explained in the video.  
    This video shows of the power a Polycom system can deliver to your business.  
    Defense Acquisition University have significantly improved teaching with the help of Polycom.  
  The Lake Travis Fire Department have intergrated Polycom systems to improve training of thier firefighters.
  NuPhysicia have incorporated Polycom systems into the field of medicine and now allow doctors to be anywhere.
  PSAV use Polycom systems in both small board rooms and massive events due to its flexability.
    Turner Broadcasting Systems have introduced Polycom systems into thier business and now use it as part of thier day to day working life.  
    This video is a brilliant trailer to introduce the Polycom CMA 5000 and its capabilities.  
    This informative video shows you how the Polycom CMA desktop system works and how effctive it can be.  
    This video proves that polycom is not only for businesses but for personal use too.  
    This short video highlights the people and content application delivered by polycom.  
    This video introduces the Polycom VVX 1500 and shows how it can be used in an office environment.  
    Brilliant video which demonstrates the Polycom RMX and DMA systems.  
    This video is an example for the Polycom RMX 2000 v4.0 and its multipoint capabilities.  
    This informative video gives a complete overview on the Polycom RPX Series.  
    This video walks you through the basics of using a Polycom RPX system and how to connect to other sites.  
    Enjoy this video with gives a detailed overview of what Polycom telepresence solutions can offer.  

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