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White papers

    Best practice in live content acquisition by distance learning organisations: As the title suggests. This is a great read if you are considering using video conferencing for distance learning. It covers how to find, acquire and use content. Included in this document are 3 good case studies that collectively cover all topics.  
    Enterprise video distribution simplify the complex web: This Frost and Sullivan white paper is a good overview of how the complex video network architecture can be simplified in a UC (unified communications) environment. The document is aimed at network managers and is a good study piece for newbies.  

The Evolving Role of Videoconferencing in Healthcare – Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge Transfer: Although it was first written in 2004 this 25 page document is very topical. Those of you in heath service It may have seen the news report of a ground breaking operation that was carried out in July 2008. Read the full story

  White Paper   H.264 High ProfileThe Next Big Thing in Visual Communications: Read this if you are interested in how H.264 works. I can save you some time and tell you that it reduces the bandwidth requirement thus allowing you to do HD (High Definition) video conferencing with less bandwidth demand. You should read it if you want to do more with less it will save you money.  
  White Paper   HIGH-DEFINITION: THE EVOLUTION OF VIDEO CONFERENCING This is a good document to keep for reference. It explains in simple tables the differences between video standards and frame rate. After you read this have a look at this video, they kind of explain each other  
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