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Video Conferencing workshop of the month April


Video Conference of the month April
"Dino Dan"

Our intrepid explorer Dino Dan has just returned from the deserts of Mongolia and he’d like to share his adventures with you. Meet him in the galleries and help him piece together the evidence of his discoveries and dinosaurs, using the skills of a palaeontologist.
"It’s not always possible for you to visit us in person. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on what we have to offer."



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Overview of the session:

  • Dino Dan introduces himself and explains that he has been exploring in his attic, finding things that belonged to his grandfather – a famous ‘dinosaur hunter’ called Roy Chapman Andrews. He asks the children what their grandparents might have done as jobs when they were young.

  • Dino Dan talks about the clothes he is wearing, and the objects he has found. He pieces together the clues about his grandfather’s life. Artefacts include a skull and a fossil – he talks about these and asks how we work out things from looking at objects.

  • He tells the story of the Oviraptor and how scientists named this dinosaur. He then explains how scientists have changed their ideas based on the evidence that has been found.

This session has some appropriate curriculum links for KS1 pupils such as:

Key Stage 1 History

2b – Identify differences between ways of life at different times.
4a – How to find out about the past from a range of sources of information.

Key Stage 1 Science

Sc1 – 1 That it is important to collect evidence by making observations and measurements when trying to answer a question.
Sc2 – 1b That animals, including humans, move, feed, grow, use their senses and reproduce.




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