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You and all your pupils are invited to join the hundreds of teachers and pupils who are benefiting from the life enriching experiences of visiting museums, galleries space centres and hundreds more key stage 1 – 5 lessons delivered using video conferencing.

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The Great Fire of London

This brilliant key stage 1 workshop introduces pupils both the wonders of The National Archives and to some of the most famous documents connected with the Great Fire of London. It also helps to gain experience and an understanding of…more


A Bevin Boy Remembers

This is a key stage 2 session where one of our fantastic living-history interpreters takes on the exciting role of an ex-Bevin boy, Jeff. Opening a suitcase he finds many fascinating objects and documents from his eventful past during… more

Roman London Alive

This gripping keystage 2 session transports your class back through the years to Learn about daily life in Roman Londinium. Meet one of these characters Martia Martina ( a maidservant ) who your pupils will be encouraged to… more

Famous People

This lively key stage 1 storytelling session combines looking at one or more portraits with a story about the fascinating lives of famous people through time. View stunning pictures of Guy Fawkes or the beautiful Florence Nightingale which… more

What is History?

This workshop aims to prepare Year 5/6 pupils for the study of history at secondary school. It touches on key topics such as the reign of Henry VIII, propoganda posters used during the second world war and the intriguing matter of Victorian… more
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